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The Full Networking Story

About AOSN

As an outgoing, extroverted college student at Xavier University, I still struggled to build meaningful, deep relationships with industry professionals at “networking events” and “job fairs.” Especially because these individuals were usually older and more experienced than myself.

I thought I could relate and connect with many people, but these awkward situations at these events kept bringing my confidence down. I knew if I wanted to succeed in my eventual career I needed to be able to meet with and relate to people who were different than me, not my age, and from different backgrounds.

All I kept hearing was, “The more events you attend, the better you’ll get at meeting strangers.” Eventually, I stopped going to these events altogether.

After pairing up with my eventual mentor, Matthew Thomas, through Xavier University’s mentorship program, I learned that the best networking doesn’t have to take place at these events with dozens or hundreds of people. I just needed time to sit and learn more about these people in a more intimate setting.

Through Matt’s help, advice from my dad, and persistence, I learned what worked best for me. One on one conversations at coffee shops, in the office, at the bar, or really anywhere that the “pressure” was off of me, allowed me to connect and build relationships way easier.

After realizing that I connected with people best through every day, normal conversation, I learned that these networking events were the same thing. I started feeling less pressure, made more connections, and started helping others to learn how to best network themselves.

After 10+ years of developing my best tips, tricks and strategies when it came to networking, I paired up with my dear friend, Evan Giokas, to plan, build and produce what we have today, The Art of Successful Networking. With my experience and background in building relationships, connecting others, and fostering growth through people, and Evan’s background in mentorship, coaching and conative learning, we have created the best program for someone to learn not only how they work and operate best, but also how to go out and meet new people and grow relationships that will help take them further in their lives and careers than they ever could have imagined.

College Friends
College Friends


AOSN's mission is to provide students and young professionals with the best tips, tools and strategies that will allow them to network at the highest level, all while gaining confidence and experience that will help with life for years to come. 


It is our vision that after completing this course, you too will become a Master Networker and realize the power that networking has, just as Evan and Carl have over their combined 20+ years of networking. 

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Meet The Team

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Carl J. Montante III

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"Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly about you, no one would believe it." - Zig Ziglar

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Evan Giokas

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"I'll help you find your best fit college, it's up to you to network to find your best fit career!"

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