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Frequently Asked Questions 

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  • Who is this course for?
    Any college student who needs help learning how to best network. We tailored our course for students in college because college is a time when you should be leveraging the fact that you are a student and your next transition in life will be entering your career.
  • Why is networking important?
    Because whether or not it is fair, relationships are what run the world. People know people. People talk. People listen. If you aren't building a strong network, you are: - Losing out on job opportunities - Losing out on promotions - Leaving money at the table - Running an uphill battle - Not allowing yourself to grow as an individual, both personally and professionally
  • Why is this the course for me?
    Great question. Who are we? Carl and Evan are both serial entrepreneurs who have built their businesses based on relationships. Look at how Evan and Carl met. They were randomly paired up together in a golf tournament back in 2016 that led to a friendship and now a new business. You absolutely do not have to listen to us, but we can promise you that without strong networking and relationship building skills, you are making it tougher on yourself to succeed in whatever industry you currently work in, or want to work in.
  • There are hundreds of books on networking, why wouldn't I read one of them to learn how to network?
    Great question! You can. Hell, you should. Evan and Carl have read several dozens of these books themselves. Why should you take our course, though? Because as good as books are, they are only words on a page. We will actually talk through and show you how to network best.
  • Why does my college student need this course?
    Because as a parent, it is your job to help grow, shape and guide your child's development. If your student can master the skill of networking, then their career, life and success will be because you invested in them.
  • This seems expensive, how much is it?
    $99. That's cheaper than: - A college textbook - A night out with friends at a bar or restaurant - A date - A pair of nice sunglasses - A new purse Invest in yourself and watch your success grow.
  • Most online courses are over $200, what's the deal?
    You're college students. This isn't meant to break the bank. Quite frankly, this should be seen as an invest in yourself for the future and the success that you hope will follow.
  • Is this worth $99?
    Evan and I have spent a combined 20+ years failing and failing and failing again to provide to you the best possible tips, tools and strategies for meeting new people and building strong relationships. We believe it is, but do you?
  • How long will it take to see results?
    That's up to you. If you take what we learn and put it into practice the moment you finish the course, then you can meet with someone new that day. To build a strong network that works for you? That will take years. Without starting now, it will be too late when you need it. The good thing is, you've been networking your whole life and you just don't even know it. Unlock the course now and you'll see what we mean.
  • When does the course expire?
    Never. You purchase this course once, you'll have access forever. You'll also have access to any new content we add down the road. All at no extra cost.
  • How do I enroll?
    Click "Unlock Lifetime Access Now"
  • What if I am shy and introverted? Or what about outgoing and extroverted? - can this course help me?
    100%. Networking is a skill that should be mastered by everyone on the planet. Not just the outgoing extroverts or shy introverts. Carl is the biggest extroverted, outgoing individual there is, and he still gets nervous at networking events, coffee meetings and with meeting new people. However, he is armed with the tips, tools and strategies to overcome those fears. Once you realize networking isn't just a large room with hundreds of people you don't know, networking is pretty simple.
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