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1:1 Personalized Coaching

Do you learn better when you are more engaged? Does your team need a bit more help when it comes to the skills of networking, relationship building, and business development? Relationships are what protect us as individuals, so if you aren't cultivating proper connections, you may be at risk for unemployment, lack of growth, or a stagnant career. Let us help you and your group thrive today.

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The Intro

When we engage in 1:1 coaching, our first goal is to always get to know our student. No computers, tasks, books, or stress. This is the time for you to get comfortable with us and for us to get comfortable with you. Building that base first is vital for this process. 


Understanding Networking

First, we get down to the basics. You won't be able to network properly if you don't understand what networking truly is. We won't lecture. This will be conversation style teaching. Getting you involved is what we aim for.

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Conative Profiling

Once you understand what networking really is, we'll move onto the best tips, strategies and tools in order for you to network. We utilize a Conative Profile Assessment to do so. Not only will this profile show you your instinctive strengths and traits as it relates to relationship building, but this will be massively important for your day-to-day performance and growth as well.


Get to it

At this point, we have a great understanding of who each other is, what networking truly is, what your instinctive traits and strengths are and how to best network and build relationships. Now it's up to you. We build a plan that helps you go out and start now. There's no point to learning this skill if you don't utilize it. Our goal is that you get to a point where you are networking without even realizing it. 

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