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The Executive Buzz

This is our custom package for our corporate organizations. This service is a mix of a group presentations, 1:1 or group networking coaching, Conative Profiling and performance coaching. Are your associates struggling with meeting new people both inside and out of the organization? Do your managers and executives need some guidance when it comes to events, business development and selling themselves? We can help. 

Business Presentation


Networking Presentation

Let's get some baseline understanding off the bat. Let us get together with 5, 50, or 500 of your employees, managers and executives and talk at a high level about with relationship building and networking truly means.



This can be done individually or as a group. Each way has its pros and cons. On one end, people may feel more engaged and comfortable if its 1:1. However, group coaching allows each person to naturally build stronger relationships with each other and learn from each other. We can direct you on what may work best.

Business Plan
Reviewing Reports at Desk


Conative Profiling

You've probably heard of, if not taken, personality tests such as Myers Briggs, Disc, or Gallups Strengths Finder. Those assessments are great to take, but they don't help you as it relates to understanding your natural tendencies or instincts. Our Conative Profiling works with a part of your brain that is talked about less but doesn't change after you turn 18. Let's chat more about how this works.


Performance Coaching 

Understanding your Conative Profile will help you in your day-to-day performance as well as networking. Learning your instinctive strengths will allow you to maximize performance and articulate your strengths with your team, future partners, clients, etc.

Team Brainstorm
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