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What you need to know about networking

3 common misconceptions

1. Networking is not a useful way to spend your time

2. Networking is only for outgoing extroverts who enjoy meeting new people

3. Networking makes me seem "dirty"

3 truths 

1. 80% of jobs, promotions and raises are filled and are awarded because of your connections in your network 

2. you have been networking your entire life and you may not know it

3. if you aren't networking properly, you are wasting opportunities for yourself

3 tips on how to best network

1. Have a "help first" mentality 

2. focus on building relationships and staying connected with your network 

3. Don't keep score

Why you should you let us help you

1. great networks set you up for success in the future

2. learning how to network properly will open doors that normally would have been shut

3. you will live a more fulfilled and successful life, both professionally and personally 

4. You will make more money down the road

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